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As I get older, I treat my archive photographs with greater care, both in their physical state and in respect of what they mean to me as personal memories. Having been lucky enough to travel to many corners of the world my memories of places are varied.

The pictures included in these galleries provide a guide to some of the countries visited across the World. Each new destination has always lived up to, or exceded, expectations and added to my personal store of experiences, many of which were captured on film or on digital media.

What becomes apparent when looking through slides taken many years ago, is that I was often priviliged to record something that has long since become a distant memory. This is especailly true in developing countries where very few people could afford the means to record their lives on film and the task was left in the hands of visitors.

Today the World still fascinates me. It provides an ever changing kaleidoscope of images that are asking to be photographed. Everywhere you look, from day to day normality to exciting excursions across new territory, there are pictures to be taken. Sadly there is just not enough time to take them and share them with the wider community.

When travelling overseas I do try not to be too intrusive. There have been many times when people have asked not to have their photo taken and I have always respected this wish. Sometimes I also care for others culture and would hate to think I had ever imposed my ideas on other people I have met around the world.

I would also like to thank all the poeple I have met who have helped me travel safely even in the wildest parts of the world where danger was always a possibility. Sadly today many of the places I have visited would pose a real threat to one's life so those memories of a safer World are even more special.

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Future Travel Plans

I always have 'itchy' feet and looking foward to new and exciting travels to countries and places I have never been. Hopefully in the next few years I will fulfill ambitions to travel to Bangladesh, a return visit to India and maybe some more exploration in Britain and Europe.