Gallery 1068 - The Source of the Nile

The River Nile leaves Lake Victoria near the town of Jinja in eastern Uganda. Jinja occupies a pleasant location on the northern shores of the Lake and today has a resort atmosphere. The first sight of the source of the Nile by a European was by John Speke in 1862. On leaving Lake Victoria the Nile crosses the Rippon Falls, which were sadly submerged when the river was dammed in 1947 as part of a hydro-electric scehme that was completed in 1952. Visitors to the source can now enjoy a short cruise by boat. The cruise visits a small island where some fishermen live before entering the waters of Lake Victoria. The area has an amzing amount of birdlife with many species seen including Fish Eagles, Egrets and Cormorants during a brief visit in October 2007. After leaving Lake Vistoria the water takes about three months to complete the 4,000 mile journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

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